Every Moment Sacred
Elizabeth Schmidt
Elizabeth (Toby) Schmidt

Forty years ago I opened the Collector's Gallery in the space that is now my daughter's Chowderheads restaurant in the Cove. My hope for the gallery was for it to be a place where local artists, as well as myself, could show their work and children could come for art classes. The gallery was short lived for many reasons. Now, having attended the "School of Life" for forty years, it is my dream to experience the "circle of life" and bring to the Artists' Path a broader vision of what might be a place for all to be seen as artists, inspired buy the creativity of others and to grow into knowing that the true art is our lives.

I will facilitate gatherings to share with others those experiences that have inspired my own art over the years.

Meditative Drawing, check out the gallery schedule

Labyrinth Walking

Write to Self

Sacred Drumming

Poetry Reading

Julia Cameron's  "Artist's Way": check out the schedule


The "Path" is unique for everyone but everyone is an "Artist".

"Art is the outward expression of inner growth"

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